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The MiraDOC Project

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The MiraDOC Project

Post date 06/05/2013 - 09:46

The MiraDOC Project

Post date 06/05/2013 - 09:46

MiraDoc is a project of Associazione YEPP Italia in collaboration with Laboratorio dell’Immagine – ITER and in partnership with the EmpoweMediaNetwork. The Mirafiori area in Turin is well known for being the site of the Fiat car factories since the late 50’s and an area of high immigration from various parts of Italy. It is the place in Torino where workers and their families moved to in the 60’s and 70’s.

Mirafiori at present is an area with severe problems of integration of new and old migrant families, of unemployment, drug abuse and a high rate of school drop-out. The Laboratorio dell’Immagine media Centre has been based and active in Mirafiori since the late 70’s as a centre for animation film-making and media education with school children. Laboratorio dell’Immagine has now joined forces with YEPP Italia to create a programme to foster documentary and animated documentary making and give the opportunity to the young people of the Mirafiori area and of the city of Turin to find their voice.

The MiraDOC project is aimed in particular at young people aged 14 to 25 living in Torino and in the region of Piemonte or who are part of a YEPP site in Piemonte’s neighbouring region, Liguria. The involvement of young people of lesser opportunities and od youth at risk of social exclusion are a priority for MiraDOC.

The MiraDOC activities aims at providing the young participants with training in researching, writing, recording audio and video and use editing facilities so that they can develop and produce group or individual documentary projects of various degree of involvement, from simple and short project carried out as a group work, to longer and more ambitious individual projects developed and completed by a single author. MiraDOC also provides a fully equipped media centre and an on-going supervision of the documentary projects.

MiraDOC activities consist of training workshops and continuous support for young film-makers to develop and produce their projects. All the documentaries, short and long, supported by MiraDOC will have either a social or an anthropological approach and will concentrate on issues that are close to the young authors and their communities.

For an individual project to be selected for support by MiraDOC, it must respect the following conditions:

* all the phases of pre-production, production and post-production must be inclusive;

* it should tackle local issues capable of reaching a national or international audience;

* it should aim at having a positive impact on the local community.

MiraDOC is supported by:

ITER - the parent organization of Laboratorio Millelire – which provides the facilities (media centre), the equipment for animation film-making, the tutors for stop motion and sound recording.

Compagnia di San Paolo that, through a grant to YEPP Italia, provides funding for the project

YEPP Italia, which initiated the project and provides the administrative framework and the tutoring for the projects and the workshops.