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Ingeborg Lykseth

My name is Ingeborg Omdal Lykseth and I'm from Skien, Norway. I work mainly with youth of the ages 14 to 25. I have developed my own method that has as focus to strengthen the youth's ability to communicate their desires and needs in a contractive manner. This is done through workshops where film, photo and coaching are the tools that are used. The coaching is done both individually as well as in groups. The methods name is: Media, Identity & Citizenship.  I organise an international short film competition where the underlying themes are always intended to:
•    embrace youth identity-awareness and self-understanding.
•    Making video productions and film with the idea to raise public awareness of social issues.
•    Hold lectures and workshops within the method Media, Identity & Citizenship.
I have a background in special education within psychiatrics, film school and I am also a licensed coach.I have my own company sense 1991 with video production as main product.